Every great story has a first chapter.


We're calling this one Fountain Ridge.


We invite you to create your experience at Fountain Ridge.

Fountain Ridge Office Park will put your business in the heart of a vibrant, expertly-planned, live-work-play community. Make your address work begin working for you as both a benefit to your employees and an easy-to-access destination for your clients, customers and partners.

Your business can be part of Omaha’s exciting next chapter. Come grow your business in a part of the metro that’s ready for take off.

Explore the Waterford Building!

Take a virtual tour of the common areas at Waterford and see why this building is unlike any other in the Omaha metro!

What makes the Waterford Building Special?


Square feet of premier office space


Square feet of uninterrupted space on a single floor plate


Square feet of space designed to bring people together


Underground parking garages

A Building Focused on Health


We believe that revolutionary times call for revolutionary actions. That's why we're adding features to the Waterford Building that'll create a uniquely healthy environment for its occupants. These revolutionary features fall into four different categories:

Air Quality

We've configured the HVAC system to use medical-grade air filters. This, along with humidity controls, advanced carbon dioxide detection and quarterly checks of ductwork and vents will ensure that the air inside the Waterford Building is clean and safe for its occupants.

Touchless Environment

High-use touchpoints such as doorknobs, handles, light switches and elevator buttons have occupied more space in all of our minds lately. And, not for good reasons. To keep people from touching the same surfaces, the Waterford Building will feature touch-free building and bathroom entrances, along with lighting motion sensors and other options.

Germ-Resistant Materials

Hospitals and other medical spaces have long been using materials that reduce the spread of germs. We're taking a fairly unique step to install germ-resistant flooring, wall coverings and seating surfaces in an office building.


Inside the Waterford Building, a variety of screens will help visitors find their way to reduce unnecessary foot traffic. Sensors and dashboards will provide real-time data to our property management team concerning air quality, circulation and other critical building health metrics.

Exterior Amenities

The Rooftop

The rooftop at the Waterford Building is the perfect place to host a cocktail hour, networking reception or a gathering simply intended to celebrate the end of another day.


The Amphitheater

The Waterford Building's outdoor patio area is designed to not only encourage people to be outside, but to engage with one another. With food truck parking adjacent, it's also a great place for an alfresco lunch.

Signage Opportunities

With a commanding position on a slight hill overlooking West Dodge Road, business signs on the Waterford Building will be visible to more than 45,000 vehicles each day.


Interior Amenities

The Commons

This space is a 20,000 square foot blank canvas. Hold meetings, presentations, social hours or dinner events in a space designed to exude luxury and style.


Underground Parking

Forget hot cars in the summer and cold ones in the winter. With two underground parking garages, Waterford makes it easy to stay out of the Nebraska elements.


Wellness Center

Encourage a healthier culture in your workplace with Waterford's exclusive exercise facilities. Features include a full locker room and the latest in exercise equipment including machines from Peloton.


An Inviting Lobby

Take a moment to relax, welcome your organization's guests or gear up for a collaborative conversation in the Waterford Building's open, light-filled lobby.


Conference Space

With state-of-the-art technology installed and managed by R&R's in-house technology firm, the executive conference room at the Waterford Building is the perfect place for getting things done.


The Coffee Break

Tackle each morning (or afternoon) with a little help from the Coffee Break, the Waterford Building's digital coffee shop. Simply touch the screen of the coffee machines and enjoy any delicious Starbucks beverage!


Take a Virtual Tour of the Waterford Building

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