Green Commitment

Since 1985, R&R Realty Group has been committed to providing real solutions for our customers’ and clients’ real estate needs. In the twenty-first century, R&R Realty Group is committed to a comprehensive Environmental Stewardship Program covering all aspects of its ownership and management of commercial real estate, and is ready to assist its clients, tenants, and customers in meeting their own goals of increasing energy efficiency and minimizing their carbon footprints.

We are continually investigating new cost-effective energy-saving measures to implement with respect to the operation and management of all of its properties, including water stewardship, waste reduction, use of environmentally preferable building materials and specifications, energy efficiency, indoor environment, reduction of toxics, and building operations technology.

R&R currently has 4 LEED-certified accredited professionals on staff that work to incorporate environmentally sound, best stewardship practices.  As an established, family-owned business, we are committed to smart growth and sustainable development in our local communities for the benefit of our employees, customers, clients, and the next generation.