Riser Policy


R&R Realty Group

Riser, Roof, and Conduit Management Policy

This Riser, Roof, and Conduit Management Policy applies to and governs access to all common area telecommunications, electrical, roofs, janitorial closets, and other common areas also known as “Riser Rooms” in all R&R Realty Group (“R&R”) owned buildings.  This access includes, but is not limited to the following types of users:  tenants, subtenants, telecommunications providers, internet providers, satellite providers and installers, wireless providers, data/voice cabling vendors, and security and electronic access control vendors (“Access Vendor”).

Riser Room Access:  Riser Rooms shall be kept locked at all times.  Access to a Riser Room requires an email request by Access Vendor to the building owner riser management representative Realty Technology Services, LLC (“RTS”) at MAC@rrrealty.com at least 24-hours before access.  The request email must contain a description of access purpose, which shall include a description of cabling being installed, request for equipment, tagging of phone lines, installation of a T1 Card, connectivity to a fiber switch or panel or any other telecommunications installation.  Failure to provide timely notice to RTS may result in a delay of granting access to such Riser Rooms.

Duct Utilization:  No Access Vendor shall be permitted to use any interior conduit system, riser cabling, or subgrade conduit system without the prior written permission of R&R’s riser management representative, Realty Technology Services (“RTS”).   When an Access Vendor requests access to a building, RTS will provide a Right of Entry Agreement for the infrastructure owner to sign and this Agreement will be kept on file with R&R.  Failure to comply with the duct utilization policies may result in additional costs to carrier and tenant if a conduit is underutilized and accessed without permission and applicable Right of Entry Agreement.

Riser Room wall space and power:  All carriers requesting to place equipment within a Riser Room must submit a written request to RTS prior to installing.  Landlord will provide a Right of Entry Agreement and outline the specific area within each Riser Room for requesting carrier’s use.  All cabling extended from a tenant suite to a Riser Room must be terminated to a wall mount jack and must be clearly labeled with the tenant’s name and suite number.  Carriers must clearly label their equipment with their company name and contact phone number.  R&R strictly prohibits unlabeled cabling in any Riser Room. All cabling must terminate to a surface mount jack and shall not be “free hanging” from the plenum space.

Roof Access:  Each Access Vendor must have prior written permission from MPI before installing any roof mount equipment regardless of whether a new roof penetration will be required or whether an existing penetration is to be utilized.

Security and Electronic Access Controls: Tenants are strictly prohibited from installing said systems in a common area or plenum space outside of the leased premises.  Tenant that wish to utilize security systems and other electronic entry systems must install all applicable systems within their leased space.

R&R  expressly retain all rights as property owners to control and manage access to all improvements and telecommunications areas located on their properties, and will strictly enforce this Riser, Roof, and Conduit Management Policy to the full extent of the law. Failure by any Access Vendor to comply with these provisions shall be grounds for immediate revocation of any access privileges previously granted and removal of all third party property or infrastructure from the building[s] at Access Vendor’s cost and expense.

R&R reserves the right to modify this Riser, Roof and Conduit Management Policy in R&R’s sole and exclusive judgment.  The applicable policy version will be published at www.rrrealty.com/riserpolicy.

Any questions regarding the policy or procedure for utilizing riser or conduit space may be directed to RTS, c/o Luke Anderson 515-223-4500 or anderson.luke@realtyts.com.