R&R Realty Group Builds Speculative Office Space in Urbandale

R&R Realty Group has started the first phase of construction on an office project that includes two, two-story office buildings of 45,000 SF each. Phase I includes the first building. The second building, Phase II, will be constructed at a later date, and will include a connector between the two buildings with a rooftop patio. Located at the corner of Meredith Drive and 121st Street, the office project is included in a four-mile square foot area in the north-central section of Urbandale near Interstate 35/80. This is the first development in what the city is calling the “Urban Loop.”

Easy access makes this a prime location for businesses looking to upgrade their office space. “Businesses have experienced steady growth the last few years, which in many cases means they are hiring more employees,” explained Mark Rupprecht, President of R&R Realty Group. “Many small to mid-sized companies may not build their own office building, but they are eager to find a newer office space that provides the amenities their new employees desire.”

Loaded with this knowledge, R&R Realty took the leap to build the speculative office space they are calling Paradigm. “When we began planning for it, we asked ourselves, “what role does real estate play in attracting and retaining talent?”, and we decided the location and look and feel of an office building impacts the culture of the business. In other words, real estate is the driving force behind the culture of a business and we believe this area needed more contemporary, open floor plans and amenities like Paradigm will offer.”