R&R Developing Office Space Focused on Health

R&R Realty Group (R&R) announced today the addition of several features designed to create a uniquely healthy environment inside its newest office building. The Waterford Building, a 180,000 square foot office development is currently under construction at the intersection of 192nd Street and West Dodge Road in Omaha. The building is expected to be one of the first projects under development to respond to the current Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on workplaces.

R&R is focusing its efforts on four targeted areas, including:

• Air quality
• Creating a touchless environment
• Germ-resistant materials
• Technology

Air Quality
Since Waterford is still at the framing stage, R&R has configured the HVAC system to use medical-grade air filters. This, along with humidity controls, advanced carbon dioxide detection and quarterly checks of ductwork and vents will ensure that the air inside the Waterford Building is clean and safe for its occupants.

Touchless Environment
High-use touchpoints such as doorknobs, handles, light switches and elevator buttons have occupied more space in all of our minds lately. And, not for good reasons. To keep people from touching the same surfaces, the Waterford Building will feature touch-free building and bathroom entrances, along with motion sensors for lighting and other options.

Germ-Resistant Materials
Hospitals and other medical spaces have long been using materials that reduce the spread of germs. R&R is taking a fairly unique step to install germ-resistant flooring, wall coverings and seating surfaces in an office building.

Inside the Waterford Building, a variety of screens will help visitors find their way to reduce unnecessary foot traffic. Sensors and dashboards will provide real-time data to R&R’s property management team concerning air quality, circulation and other critical building health metrics.

“The Coronavirus pandemic has shifted everything in our world, so we wanted our response to be revolutionary,” said Mike Homa, President of R&R Realty Group’s Nebraska Division. “These features aren’t found in many other multi-tenanted office buildings but providing a safe and healthy environment has become our top priority.”

Earlier, R&R had announced a variety of other unique amenities including a dedicated building concierge, a coffee shop, available underground parking, state-of-the-art security and access to R&R’s private fiber network.

In addition to these bold steps, R&R is helping its customers tailor cleaning packages that meet their business’ needs during the current pandemic.

“Across Nebraska and Iowa, our property management team has been working hard to educate our customers on the right cleaning packages for their business,” said Mark Rupprecht, President of R&R Realty Group. “Together, we’re helping them ensure that their workspace is clean, healthy and safe.”

R&R anticipates completion of the Waterford Building in spring of 2021.