Riser Access


V1.3 July 2020

  1. Definition
    1. For the purpose of this document, DMARC refers to any/all MDF, IDF, MPOE, Riser Room, etc on any floor in a given building.
  2. Policy
    1. RTS’s policy is that all DMARCs, unless otherwise scheduled to be unlocked, will remain locked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    2. Any request for access to a DMARC must be made a full 24 hours in advance.
    3. RTS schedules DMARCs to be unlocked in 90 minute intervals (unless otherwise requested) which begin at the requested day/time of arrival.
    4. It is the responsibility of the party performing the work to submit the request for access, whether that’s the customer, a carrier, a contractor, etc.
  3. Access Requests
    1. Non-Emergency
      1. Site Surveys, service installations, fiber installations, or any other activity that is not the result of an active service disrupting event.
        1. Email mac@rrrealty.com. Request should include (at a minimum)
          1. Date/Time of arrival
          2. Building address
          3. Suite #
          4. Customer name
          5. Which floor(s) you need access to
          6. Work being performed
      2. Please note that RTS allows for one accompanied site survey per project. If a carrier requires additional accompanied site surveys, or misses a scheduled appointment, additional visits could incur a charge.
    2. Emergency
      1. Active customer is experiencing issues, fiber cut, or any other event that is impacting customers.
          1. Email mac@rrrealty.com. Request should include the same information as detailed under a non-Emergency event.
          2. If you do not receive a response on the ticket in an acceptable timeframe call 515.223.4901. Provide the same information detailed under a non-Emergency event.
  4. Ticket Tracking
    1. When you submit a ticket via mac@rrrealty.com you will receive an automatic response with your ticket number. Please keep that information until your job is complete. If for any reason the requested door has not been unlocked, you can call 515.223.4901, and reference that ticket number as your approval.
    2. DO NOT reply to a closed ticket. For new/updated request submit a new request.
  5. Ticket Format
    1. Please submit all requested information in the email subject and body. Attached documents may be removed from tickets via our security/virus software and may result in missed tickets.