Mike Homa to Lead R&R Realty’s Nebraska Division

Mike Homa, formerly President of Mutual of Omaha Bank, will head up the new Nebraska Division of R&R Realty Group located in the Nebraska Professional Center at 13616 California Street in Omaha. The Des Moines-based group is rapidly expanding its interests in the metro area and sees the addition of Homa as a reflection of its commitment to becoming an even more engaged partner in the Omaha business community.

For the past four years, R&R has managed their first Omaha project, Fountain West Office Park at 192nd and West Dodge, from Des Moines. Establishing Homa at the helm of an Omaha office fulfills an expectation Mark Rupprecht stated in 2013, that R&R Realty Group would “… be involved for the long haul, establishing a team in Omaha.”