Get to Know Jonny Bosworth

When Jonny Bosworth joined R&R Real Estate Advisors, the brokerage arm of R&R Realty Group, he did so with a unique perspective. To learn more about that unique perspective, Spencer, R&R’s Marketing Director sat down to chat with Jonny:

Tell me a little about your background, Jonny.

I grew up here in West Des Moines and graduated from Dowling Catholic High School where I was a pretty avid member of the golf team. So much so, that golfing continues to be a passion of mine today. After Dowling, I went to Iowa State University where I majored in business and interned for Holmes Murphy, an insurance consulting firm. This sparked a love of sales and after graduating, I began working for Bearence Management Group, another insurance consulting firm. This was when the Affordable Care Act were beginning to take effect and it was exciting to help businesses understand the new rules and how they could operate within them.

What drew you to a career in real estate?

Well, I pretty much grew up in the world of real estate. My whole family is involved in the industry and I always knew I wanted to be in it as well. After a few years of consulting for Bearance, I made the leap to residential real estate with Keller Williams. I started with pretty much nothing and worked on getting my real estate license as quickly as I could. I really enjoyed the entrepreneurial feel of being a Realtor – I did all my own marketing, cold-calling and administrative work. After a few great years of residential real estate, I knew I was ready to transition to the commercial side. That’s when I joined R&R.

Jonny Bosworth

What would you say is your specialty in the world of commercial real estate?

Because of my background in consulting, I’d say the biggest asset I can bring my clients is the ability to solve problems with an outside-the-box perspective. I keep up with research and industry news because if I understand the latest trends and best practices, then I can help my clients adopt them in their own spaces. At the end of the day, my biggest goal is to understand my client’s problem, then do everything I can to help them solve it.

How do you give back to the community?

I have a big place in my heart for kids. That’s led to me to be involved with organizations like the United Way of Central Iowa and Junior Achievement. I’ve also enjoyed helping with Dowling Catholic High School’s golf program and serving as a basketball coach at Holy Family Middle School.

What’s your favorite thing about the Des Moines Metro?

Oh, hands-down it’s the people. We have a very Midwestern feel for a mid-size city and people are always friendly and willing to lend a hand. The location is great too. I recently got married and my wife and I enjoy traveling. The fact that Des Moines is in the middle of the country makes it easy to get almost anywhere.

To learn more about Jonny and to leverage his unique perspective, head to REA’s homepage, or follow him on LinkedIn.


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