Get to Know Chris Curran

R&R Realty Group broker Chris Curran knows a thing or two about the world of commercial real estate. He entered into his 20th year with R&R earlier in 2018 and has a wealth of knowledge that give him some fairly unique insight. R&R’s Marketing Director, Spencer recently sat down with Chris to learn more about his expertise:

Tell me about your background, Chris.

Well, I’m a native Iowan who graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in urban planning, which I used for two years as a member of the staff for the City of Denison in western Iowa. That was a great experience, but I was soon offered a position with the Iowa State University Foundation as a fundraiser. This job was amazing as I had the opportunity to interact with donors both in Ames and around the world.

Chris Curran

At one event, I met Dan and Phyllis Rupprecht and we got into a conversation about their family company, R&R Realty Group. Having a background in urban planning, I found the world of commercial real estate (CRE) to be fascinating. Dan and I stayed in touch over time and eventually, I was offered a job here at R&R. That was 20 years ago and I’ve loved every day since. I’m in a position where I’m still involved in the world of urban planning, but on the private-sector side of things.

That’s a fantastic story! What would you say is your specialty within the world of CRE?

I’d say my specialty is helping small to mid-size office users. Businesses within this space typically face different sets of both challenges and opportunities than larger business do. Having the right kind of office in the right location with the right design can help these organizations optimize workflow and attract and retain quality employees, which eventually leads to sustainable growth.

How do you give back to your community?

I try to give back in a variety of ways. I’ve been involved with the Waukee Rotary Club as the Administration Chair and I’ve served on the board of directors for the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce. I’m also involved with Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic School and my local chapter of the Knights of Columbus. Finally, I’m a big believer in the power of athletics, so I volunteer to coach pretty much every sports team my four sons get involved with.

What’s your favorite thing about the Des Moines Metro?

My family is a pretty active one, so I really enjoy the fact that there’s a lot to do outside in Des Moines. From bike trails to golf courses to local and state parks, there’s no lack of ways to enjoy the outdoors. I also love that Des Moines has features of a big city like restaurants and shops, but has managed to keep a small town feeling. It’s a community that feels exciting, safe and interesting all at the same time.

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