Vision to Reality

It takes a special talent and skill set to envision the possibilities of an empty field and the future of a commercial development.  The planning behind the vision which will one day become brick, mortar, and steel is an expertise in which Development Services Corp is uniquely qualified. We truly bring Vision to Reality.

We manage the details from planning to handshake.

We manage the intricate details of design, negotiating, and zoning to set the stage for the construction of new office space, warehouses, and apartments.

Before ground is broken, months of work go into securing the property, filing permits, requesting zoning variances, attending city council meetings, and conducting environmental impact studies. In addition we work with our communities to ensure the needs of all stakeholders are being met.

When the designs are approved, the paperwork is signed and everyone has shaken hands, the Development Services Corp. turns the project over to our construction teams.

At the end of the day, R&R strives to be a good neighbor and provide opportunities in the communities we serve.