Developing The Community: Shelli Bridgeman

Meet Shelli Bridgeman! Shelli is an Executive Assistant at R&R and in her free time, she loves helping others through volunteer opportunities. Her biggest volunteering experience is with Make-A-Wish Iowa where she has been a wish granter for 11 years.

She joined the team after personal experience dealing with a loved one affected by illness who was granted a trip to Hawaii through Make-A-Wish.

“I saw the joy and excitement the trip brought them – a chance to get away from doctors, hospitals and everything else that comes with critical illnesses.” Shelli’s job with Make-A-Wish is to visit “Wish Children” and determine their one true wish. After turning the paperwork in to get the wishes approved, Shelli keeps in touch with the families while they wait to hear back. Once approved, Shelli plans a presentation party, where she provides gifts relevant to the children’s wishes.

Shelli holds a lot of admiration for the children and their families as they battle with illness. “It is so personally rewarding to be able to bring them some happiness.”

Thanks for all you do in our community, Shelli!