Developing The Community: Kathy Hayes

Meet Kathy Hayes!

Kathy plays a very important role at R&R as Vice President of Human Resources. Kathy’s talent for personnel law and her ability to connect with individuals in all types of situations makes her a highly effective and respected head of this department.

Kathy’s skills also carry over to the organization Family Promise Of Greater Des Moines. Kathy serves on the Board of Directors and is also on the Business & Operations Committee. Family Promise provides short-term emergency shelter and additional resources such as food and gas money for families in a friendly, non-judgmental setting.

Kathy was moved to get involved with Family Promise after hearing of the plight of the homeless during discussions with families. These discussions opened her eyes to what people face and how important family stability is, especially in the lives of children.

Kathy’s work at both R&R and Family Promise demonstrates her sense of leadership and concern for the common good. Learn more about Family Promise and their impact on our community by visiting!