Bosworth Named “NexGen to Watch” by Family Business Magazine

We’re proud to announce that our own Jonny Bosworth, Commercial Real Estate Manager has been named a “NexGen to Watch” by Family Business Magazine. Jonny has been with R&R Realty Group for more than three years and during that time, has contributed significantly to the success of R&R’s commercial brokerage team.

Below is an excerpt from Jonny’s article, which can be found here:

“I was born into the world of commercial real estate. My grandfather, Dan Rupprecht, began R&R Realty Group in 1985, three years before I was born,” Jonny says. “My entire family has had some level of involvement in this company, and it stands as a kind of parallel family group for me.

“From a young age, I knew I had a deep passion for real estate, and after spending time with a residential firm in the Des Moines area, I knew it was time to take the leap and contribute to my family’s legacy.

“I think what really sets R&R apart is its family ties. I was raised to care about doing things the right way. I’m aware that the buildings we build and the properties we develop contribute to a legacy that will endure for years to come. It’s a legacy that I hope to pass along to my first child, which I’m expecting in August 2021. This legacy and sense of responsibility is what drives me each and every day at R&R Realty Group.”

Join us in congratulating Jonny on this remarkable achievement!