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Development Services

Development Services Corp. (DSC) Development Services Corp.

Development Services Corp. (DSC), a subsidiary of R&R Realty Group, is central Iowa's most experienced development consulting company with more than 6 million square feet of commercial real estate development in the past 20 years. We provide clients a full range of real estate on an efficient, economical basis, and deliver an unmatched combination of national experience and local market knowledge in both urban and suburban settings. We are committed to representing the best interests of our clients in every project and do so by accessing R&R Realty Group's highly qualified and experienced construction management firm, property management, technology services and the marketing/leasing team, all under the same roof.

Clients value our expertise in developing a wide range of projects, including single-story buildings, high-rises, multifamily units, retail locations, office parks, industrial parks, athletic facilities and more. We extend our expertise to assist both small and large projects.

DSC can provide its services on a consulting basis or charge an hourly rate with detailed monthly invoices. DSC also has the ability to offer lease/purchase structures along with build-to-suit.

Contact Tom Rupprecht at 515-223-4500 to learn more or send a note on our contact page.